Markets And Solutions

We provide a wide range of products for various applications such as automotive, upholstery, fashion and footwear. With an uncompromising view on quality RaviDyeware is one of the leading manufactures of leather dyes in the world.


As one of the largest manufactures in Asia for automotive leather colorants we have an uncompromising view on quality. We provide over 30 products specifically dedicated to providing the right depth, performance and shade to the automotive interior industry.


Whether in garments, luggage or upholstery consumers judge leather products by their color and finish. We provide a brilliant shade pallet and a variety of dyes that cater to this application.


Our Rivaderm series provides economical solutions to leather used in shoe uppers and liners. Following the latest trends in fashion our dyes provide vivid colors and our tanning agents provide the necessary durability to make the end product stand out.


This series provides a range of colorants that have excellent penetration and brilliant shades.


These dyes are known for their brilliance, lightfastness and durability. Their inter-miscibility allows for a vibrant shade palate. They are also soluble in both water and organic solvents.


Rivacid dyes are specialty dyes that are primarily known for their leveling ability, vivid tinctorial properties and fastness. These can be used to dye all types of leather.


RaviDyeware produce various chemicals that are used as synthetic tanning agents, these help to modify the physical properties of leather with respect to its strength, softness, fullness, weather resistance, dye penetration, levelness and brilliance of dye shades.