Environment Health And Safety

At RaviDyeware we are constantly striving to minimize our ecological footprint and safeguard our social commitment to the community and our employees. With this is mind we conduct various seminars and workshops to ensure that employee safety and welfare is on the forefront of all our industrial activities.

Waste Management

Realizing the need to minimize the generation of waste and our responsibility to future generations RaviDyeware is using various technologies to ensure that all our industrial processes have minimal impact on the environment. Using Multi Effect Evaporators (MEE) , Agitated Thin Film Dryers (ATFDS), Aerobic/Anaerobic Bioreactors and Reverse Osmosis membranes (RO) the effluent treatment plants of RaviDyeware endeavours to go beyond stringent industrial norms for a cleaner future.

She Guidelines :

Analyzing and mitigating the risks posed to employees and contractors

Minimizing waste generation by innovating new processes and maximizing atom economy in reactions

Maximizing energy efficiency by reducing the consumption of natural resources

Communication of SHE policies to all stakeholders engaged with the Company’s activities

Training and enhancing employees skills to ensure they are equipped to implement and augment our safety health and environment policy