Group Overview

The Singhania Group is a diversified entity formed in 1947 for the trading of various chemicals and intermediates. From humble beginnings the Group has grown to a conglomerate with interests in colorants, speciality chemicals, pharmaceuticals and real estate.

In 2011 the Group acquired Melody Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. and made its foray into the pharmaceutical market. The facility has been US-FDA approved and is focused on manufacturing a variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

In 2016 the Group further expanded its global footprint by acquiring the colorants division of Brenntag Chemicals UK. The newly formed entity; Waterside Colors UK provides a range of colorants and services for the paper and pulp industry.

The Group has set up a state of the art Innovation Centre in Rabale to expand its technical capabilities which was followed by the inauguration of Ravi Biolife in 2021. Ravi Biolife is a technology focused pharmaceutical intermediate and oncological API manufacturing company for high potency drugs.


Establishment of
Singhania Group


Establishment of RaviDyeware
Unit 1 in Taloja


Establishment of Siddharth
Colorchem in Mahad


Establishment of RaviDyeware
Unit II in Taloja


Acquisition of
Melody Healthcare


Acquisition of
Waterside Colors UK


Inauguration of
Ravi Biolife