Markets And Solutions

Our wide range of textile dyes boasts high fastness and penetration and are produced with the most stringent quality standards.


Our Ravinon and Sidcol ranges have were launched over 40 years ago and have become household names in the textile industry. These inter miscible dyes provide a vibrant palate range.

Home Textile

Whether for furnishing, drapes or bedding our dyes provide vibrant colors to elevate any residential space.

Technical Textile

Active wear colorants and highly specialized cationic dyes which are specially synthesized to provide the best fastness properties.

Product Range

This range offers the highest standards of lightfastness and wetfastness. These brilliant colorants are best suited for work wear, active wear and home textiles.


Liquid cationic dyes that specialize in the dyeing of acrylic based polymers. This range offers an extensive pallet of specialized dyes.


Powders and liquid dyes showing diverse properties, color ranges and applications. These can be used on a number of cellulose-based substrates.


Customized dyes showing very high fastness properties that are tailor made to the customer’s specifications.