Markets And Solutions

With over 30 years of experience in providing colorants to paper mills around the world we are able to provide unique solutions for all our customer’s needs. RaviDyeware is one of the few manufacturers that provides the complete range of colorants used in Packaging Newsprint, Graphics, Tissue and wrapping*.

Packaging and Board

We offer colorants with high tinctorial value that are approved for food contact, and can be used in various packaging applications. We also manufacture tailor made products to suit our customer’s needs on strength, visual appeal and durability.

Fine Graphic Paper

With an extensive portfolio of products backed by a technical team in the UK, we provide colorant solutions that emphasize strength, brightness, uniformity and runnability.


With specialized BfR approved dyes for food contact and stringent manufacturing quality checks we ensure that our products exceed our customer’s requirements. Our cationic and direct dyes have exceptional fastness that reduces backwater waste and increases dying depth for colored tissue applications.


These are TPM based dyes that have low metal content, excellent fastness and brightness.

*Our specialty dyes are also BfR compliant for food contact.

Product Range
Aquasol Dyes

A range of dyes that covers the complete spectrum of shades required in tissue newsprint and graphics.

Aquasol D Dyes

Developed specifically for the packaging and board sector these dyes provide superior solubility and light fastness.

Basic Dyes

Basic Dyes are brilliant dyes with excellent fastness properties. Ravi is a pioneer in Basic dye chemistry with decades of experience in the industry. Being the only manufacturer in the world that is vertically integrated in the production of these dyes from its base raw material (Aniline), RaviDyeware offers a unique competitive advantage in terms of quality and pricing.