Markets And Solutions

We offer our customers unique products that are used for both the Industrial and FMCG markets. These products are tailor made to our customer’s requirements and meet international quality standards.

Product Range
Printing Inks

We provide specialized dyes that are suitable for various print heads and provide long lasting brilliant shades. These dyes have low metal and salt content, excellent runnability and are tailor made to meet the customer’s requirements.

Writing Inks

These dyes are made specifically for the ballpoint industry; they undergo stringent quality control measures to ensure uniformity and runnability.

Home and Personal Care

Our product ranges include various acid and basic dyes that are widely used in household applications from detergents to household cleaners. Our new non-staining range has excellent washability and is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dyes.


Solvent based dyes that are used for the identification and classification of specific types of petroleum products.